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Event rules and Guidelines

There will be a “0” tolerance for disrespecting others, destruction of attendee property or event property. No harassment or ill treatment of event Staff, Attendee’s or Volunteers. No tolerance for any form of bullying - YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE IMMEDIATELY!  


As much as we all love a good burnout, we do not have the safe space to perform them so please refrain from the temptation to do so, or your vehicle will be noted and banned from attending again. This is a family friendly event for Charity. Please keep this in mind!


A Fire Ban will likely be in effect, so we ask that all campers respect the current and advised recommendations of the B C Wildfire regulations.


Pets will be permitted at your campsite, however they will not be allowed in the areas of the show, food, washrooms or hall. Please mind your pets and their waste, there will be many garbage vessels for disposal. We ask that you respect the Rodeo Association Property and your fellow campers with regards to this matter. We want to be invited back, as this venue is provided to us from one Charity to another!  PLEASE KEEP IN MIND this is a Booddocking camp site with No Power or Sewer hookups. Generators tolerated with respect given to your fellow camper.  IE. NO air-conditioning for pets in vehicles & RV’s! There will be showers, and sewer dumping facilities for your use. Charge is at the discretion of the Rodeo Association.

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